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Welcome to the Hazel Park High School Virtual Counseling Office. Please click on the following link -- VIRTUAL COUNSELING OFFICE -- to setup an appointment with your Counselor or to obtain/view other information you might need from the office.


Residents of Hazel Park who are enrolled in Hazel Park Schools from 5th grade (or earlier) through graduation, are guaranteed full tuition and fees to be paid for at Oakland Community College through the Promise Zone. Graduates who go on to attend a Michigan institution other than Oakland Community College are sometimes able to take the equivalent scholarship to the institution of their choice, depending on their federal financial aid package (Pell Grant dollars, specifically). Questions should be directed to Fernando Monge at

In addition to this incredible opportunity offered by the Promise Zone, there are numerous scholarship programs for post-secondary education. Students are encouraged to visit the Counseling Office for more details.

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Transcript Requests : In order to send transcripts for college applications, scholarship programs, N.C.A.A. eligibility, or almost anything else you would need a transcript for, past and present students must register with Parchment to send their transcripts electronically.

Parchment: Parchment is a secure way to send your official, high school transcript electronically. Transcripts are sent, usually within 24 hours, and are received instantly by the college. Parchment also confirms the receipt of the transcript. No more wondering if all of your materials sent through the mail have been received and processed! Transcripts are free to send to all public universities in the state of Michigan and to many other colleges throughout the country. Sending transcripts to certain colleges, scholarship programs, or specialized locations may result in a processing fee through Parchment. This is a fast, easy, and convenient way to ensure that your transcripts are received in a timely manner along with your online college applications. Once you are registered with Parchment, you can request transcripts anytime in the future, even after you graduate. Follow these simple steps to get your transcripts sent:

  1. Register with Parchment : Every senior needs to register! Follow these Parchment Screenshots to complete your registration. If you need some assistance registering with Parchment see Ms. Lazard or your Counselor in the Counseling Office.
  2. Complete College Applications : Students should have their college applications completed and submitted before requesting transcripts be sent. College applications should be completed online through the college's website or Common Application.
  3. Request Transcripts: Login to your Parchment account and search for the colleges you would like your transcripts sent. Select each college you want your transcripts sent to and complete your request. Follow these Parchment Screenshots to send your transcripts to schools. If you need some assistance requesting transcripts with Parchment see Ms. Lazard or your Counselor in the Counseling Office if you are a current student or a recent graduate. Alumni who have graduated more than 10 years ago should direct questions to the enrollment office at the Ford Administrative Office located at 1620 East Elza, Hazel Park. 248-658-5200.

Transcript Release Form: In order for Hazel Park High School to send your transcripts, we must have a signed transcript release form on file granting us permission to share your information. This is usually completed by a parent as part of the Rising Senior Meeting in the Spring of your Junior year. If you are over 18, you may fill out the form yourself. If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must fill it out.