Latchkey Program

Welcome to the Hazel Park School District Latchkey Program


Hazel Park Mission Statement

The Hazel Park School District, in collaboration with all stakeholders, prepares and supports students for the future through innovation and technology.

Our Vision

Inspiring and empowering all learners to achieve excellence.

Latchkey Mission Statement

The mission of the Hazel Park School District Latchkey Program is to provide a safe, affordable, nurturing environment for all Hazel Park children who are in need of out-of-school-time care.

Latchkey Philosophy

Children thrive in an atmosphere of acceptance and support where they are allowed free exploration of their unique talents and interests.  Our latchkey program strives to provide children with opportunities to explore and develop the skills necessary to lead happy and productive lives.  Social, emotional, physical and cognitive activities are integrated into each day’s routine.


  • To provide a safe, stimulating environment in which children can acquire and practice physical, social, and cognitive skills.
  • To provide an atmosphere that supports the development of a positive self-image in preparation for a happy and productive life among peers, colleagues, and loved ones.
  • To support each child’s growing independence at an individual level by allowing children to make choices and carry out tasks and activities with adult support and assistance when needed.
  • To support all families through open communication and respect.

This handbook is provided to acquaint you with our program, policies, and philosophy.

Important: Summer Latchkey COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan

Latchkey Program Fees

  • $60/Week
  • DHHS Child Care Assistance is accepted

Latchkey Camps

  • Winter Break, Spring Break, and Summer Latchkey Camps are also available.

Hazel Park Schools

1620 E. Elza
Hazel Park, MI 48030
Lynette Daley
Latchkey Lead (Webb Elementary)
Joan Rybinski
Latchkey Director