Latchkey Fees

About the Latchkey Program

School-Year Latchkey

School-Year Latchkey registration is available at

Child Care Contacts, Locations and Hours of Operation:
Preschool Aged Children at Webster ECC
After School Care
Monday-Thursday dismissal - 6:00pm
248-658-5553 (Latchkey Room)

Elementary Aged Children at Hoover, United Oaks, and Webb
Before and After School Care
Monday-Friday 6:30am - start of school and dismissal of school-6:00pm

Hoover Elementary School
Phone 248-658-5308 (Latchkey Room)

United Oaks Elementary School
Phone 248-658-2418 (Latchkey Room)

Webb Elementary School
Phone 248-658-5913 (Latchkey Room)

Latchkey Camps

Latchkey Camp registration is available at

Latchkey Camps are operated at one site only and is available from 6:30am-6:00pm, except as noted in advance. The site will be announce at least one week before the start date.

Program operation is dependent upon enrollment on a first come, first serve basis.

2019-2020 Latchkey Camp Dates
Winter Break February 17-21, 2020
Spring Break April 6-10, 2020
Summer Break
Preschool Aged Children May 25-TBA (The start of the Elementary School Year 2020/2021)
Elementary Aged Children June 15 - (The start of the Elementary School Year 2020/2021)

There will be NO School Year Latchkey offered on non-school days or school closing days.

Fee Structure - *All fees are NON-REFUNDABLE
Latchkey Registration Fees

All Families for School-Year Latchkey
1st child $40 non-refundable registration fee. 
All children after that $10 registration fee.

School-Year Latchkey Activity Fees

The first activity fee will be paid at registration.
The second activity fee of $10 will be billed for each child at the end of February.

Elementary Aged Children - Hoover, United Oaks, and Webb

  • Morning and Afternoon Sessions: $50/week each child paid weekly
  • Morning Sessions Only: $20/week each child paid weekly
  • Afternoon Sessions Only: $35/week each child paid weekly 

Preschool Aged Children - Webster Early Childhood Center

Weekly *Monday-Thursday only

  • Afternoon Sessions: $60/week each child paid weekly

*There is no Preschool Latchkey on Fridays.

Camp Fees

Preschool and Elementary Aged Children
Camp locations will be communicated in advance.

Winter and Spring Break Camps
$100.00 fee per week per child

Summer Camp
$50 Registration fee per child to cover field trips and other activities. $100 fee per week per child.