1:1 Technology

Hazel Park Schools has been a 1:1 district since 2015. Students from Young 5's to second grade use iPads in class. Each Y5 through 2nd grade class has a cart with enough iPads for each student. Grades 3-12 use Chromebooks for student learning. Students in grades 3-8, have Chromebook carts in the classroom. While High School students will be assigned a Chromebook, protective case, and charger for the duration of the school year at Hazel Park High School, if they choose to sign a Chromebook Agreement form.

Benefits of 1:1 technology

1. Participation
Providing each student with a mobile device can help ensure students are getting the most out of their day by having unlimited access to their device. 1:1 Technology in the classroom allows all students to participate in collaboration and can enhance interaction with what they are learning. With each student having their own device, you will never have to worry about students having to share technology or sink into passive learning.

2. Security
How many times have you heard the phrase “my dog ate my homework” or “I can’t find it”? One component guaranteed with technology is that students have the ability to always save their work so you won’t have to hear these phrases again. Saving and storing work on a mobile device not only helps students organize their work, but also enables students to work on assignments anywhere.

3. Independence
Students having to take care of their assigned electronic device and keep track of work can help create a sense of responsibility. With this, students can apply and execute this practice and mindset to other tasks, duties, and to their future.

4. Personalized  
With 1:1 devices in the classroom, each student is able to work at their own pace and can help create more student engagement. One device per student allows each student to actively learn and participate in the classroom.