Hazel Park Schools are committed to meeting the needs of all of our learners. Our teachers are using techniques grounded in the science of instruction with evidence-based best practices and using student-centered, innovative methods that engage our learners. Families are our partners in this journey to inspire and empower our young learners for life.

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Good literacy skills are essential if a student is going to be successful in school, and career and college ready. In 2016, the Michigan Legislature passed the Third Grade Retention Law to ensure that students exit 3rd grade reading at or above grade level, which will affect the 2016/2017 kindergarten students by the time they are in third grade.  Starting in the year 2019-2020, if your child is reading below grade level at the end of 3rd grade, you will be informed in writing that your child will not be promoted to 4th grade unless he/she qualifies for an exemption.

The law requires that all K-3 students are assessed at the beginning, middle and end of the school year. The law also requires districts to provide early and regular written communication with parents of K-3 students with reading difficulties. This information will be communicated to you in an Individual Reading Improvement Plan (IRIP). This report includes your child’s performance on a variety of reading assessments, instructional services being provided, additional reading supports (if needed), and strategies for you to help your child at home (Read-At-Home plan).

The new ELA curriculum, written by Hazel Park School District, includes a daily focus on individual reading goals and targeted small group instruction. Because of our strong focus on meeting each child’s specific reading needs, our teachers have created Individual Reading Improvement Plans (IRIP) for all students, even those who are showing proficiency in reading. Attached to this letter is your child’s Individual Reading Intervention Plan (IRIP). If you have additional questions, please contact your child’s teacher.

Reading instruction is a major focus in grades K-3 throughout our school district. We have a strong foundation in our new curriculum and a number of interventions in place to support our students. Thank you for your continued support and partnership.


Dr. Amy Kruppe

Additional Information and Resources

Parent Guide to Understanding the 3rd Grade Reading Law

3rd Grade Reading Law Parent Presentation (supporting video presentation) 

Sample IRIP (Individual Reading Improvement Plan)

Welcome to the English Language Learners Department of Hazel Park Schools!

We provide services to students whose native language is not English or who have another language spoken in their home. The W-APT screener test is used to identify any English Learners (ELs) who are eligible to receive ELL services. The services include instruction in all the language skills - reading, writing, speaking and listening while working on academic language in the core content areas and better understanding of the culture of this country. Together with our bilingual tutors and classroom teachers, we do our best to meet the needs of the English Learners by providing individual or small group instruction and using "pull out" or "push in" methods.

The state test, WIDA or ACCESS for ELs, is administered annually to assess the proficiency level of each English Learner. After ELs demonstrate English Language proficiency and exit the ELL program, our ELL staff  will monitor their academic progress for four years. In addition,  we also believe that parental involvement is very important for every child's language development. Parents and teachers work together to support academic achievement of all English Learners. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

EL Program Handbook

ESL Title III Handbook 

Elementary Parent Meetings for Human Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS
Prevention and Personal Body Safety

As parent (s) you have the right to view curriculum materials for Human Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS Prevention Education and Personal Body Safety (Sexual Abuse Prevention Kg., 1st, 3rd, 5th and Sexual Harassment and Sexting Awareness 5th ) prior to instruction.

The Hazel Park School District is in the process of reviewing the sex education/reproductive health education program to better meet the needs of students as well as the standards of the community. Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete the following survey and share your thoughts with us.

Parent/Community Sex Education Survey

Please contact Ms. Bev Blair if you:

  1. Need to schedule an alternative time to view materials,
  2. Have any questions or concerns, or
  3. Would like to opt your child out of lesson presentations. If leaving a message, please be sure to indicate the name of your child, grade and school.

Curriculum Office:

Dr. Carla Postell
Director Of Curriculum, Integration & Instruction
(248) 658-5284

Stephanie Dulmage
Director Of 21st Century Learning
(248) 658-5234

Jamie Buczko
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