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Back-to-School (Continued) Enrollment

If your child(ren) is currently attending Hazel Park Schools, please complete the following registration:

New Enrollments

If you wish to enroll your child(ren) into Hazel Park School District for the first time, please complete the following pre-enrollment, as well as upload documents. The enrollment department will contact you with further instructions. 

  • Parent identification.
  • Birth certificate for student(s).
  • Immunization record for student(s).
  • Guardianship or Custody legal documentation, if applicable.
  • Last report card.
  • Current vision screen and health appraisal for all incoming Kindergartners.
  • Signed Lease, Mortgage agreement, or Property Tax Statement.
  • Current DTE or Consumers Energy bill.
  • Discipline report for all schools of choice students from prior school/s for past 2 years. 

Hazel Park Residents & Non-Residents (K-12/Alternative)

  • Complete Pre-Enrollment.
  • You will receive a confirmation email with instructions for the next steps to complete the enrollment process.
  • School Of Choice Enrollment is open from 5/1/24 to 9/6/24.

Preschool/Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) Enrollment

Enrollment Forms

Most of the required forms are embedded into the online enrollment portal. The forms below are additional items that may be needed for enrollment. 


Sarah Bean
Student Information Systems Specialist
Cheryl Hayes
Student Information Systems Specialist
Ashleigh Pylak
Enrollment Specialist
Kimberly Guilbault
Alternative Enrollment Specialist

Schools of Choice (Non-Resident) Students

For all Schools of Choice enrollments, Hazel Park Schools reserve the right to deny enrollment to any applicant residing outside Hazel Park city limits if that applicant is or has been suspended or expelled from a prior district.