High School Dual Enrollment Process

Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,

Effective April 1, 1996, Public Act 160 and Public Act 258 of 2000, created the Postsecondary Enrollment Options Act, commonly referred to as dual enrollment. This law directs school districts to assist students in paying tuition and fees for courses at Michigan public or private colleges or universities. To be eligible for dual enrollment, students must:

Have exhausted all HPHS possibilities for courses in the academic department they want to take a dual-enrolled class.  

Be on (or ahead) in credits for graduation.  

Gain permission from parent/guardian.  

Have exemplary attendance and behavior.  

Have approval from the School Counselor and Principal.  

Are you interested in taking an Oakland Community College Dual Enrollment class next semester?

Please contact your counselor for more information about this unbelievable opportunity to take a college course, while in high school, for free! Applications are available in the counseling office. Due on (Insert Date).

Steps for the Dual Enrollment Process:

Meet with your counselor to determine if you are eligible.

Review OCC Courses on this DOCUMENT and this WEBSITE.

After determining the course(s), complete the High School paper application and submit it to your counselor. Sample application HERE.

Complete the OCC online application HERE.

Follow the steps on the OCC High School Dual Enrollment page above to take any required placement test, meet with an OCC counselor, and schedule your course(s)!