District Administrative Offices

1620 E. Elza Ave.
Hazel Park, MI  48030
Phone: (248) 658-5200
Fax: (248) 544-5443
Hours: 7:30 am to 4 pm

Superintendent's Office

Jamie Buczko
Superintendent's Executive Assistant
Marion Ginopolis
Administrative Coach
Nancy Anderson
Administrative Assistant To The Superintendent For HR
Thelma Hardy
Central Office Secretary

Business Office

Jason Zirnis
Assistant Superintendent Of Business And Operations
Elizabeth Allen
Accounts Payable
Julie Drew
Payroll Specialist
Imran Mirza
Director of Business and Operations
Hailey Graham
Business and Operations Office Secretary

Student Services

Dr. Megan Papasian-Broadwell
Director of Student Services
Rochelle Tassie
Robyn Stern
Supervisor of Student Services (Elementary & Secondary)
Corrie Chansler
Supervisor of Student Support
Mona Souleyrette
Secretary for Student Services


Dr. Carla Postell
Executive Director of Teaching, Learning & Diversity
Dr. Stephanie Dulmage
Executive Director of Teaching, Learning & Assessment
Kristina Herron
Curriculum Secretary
Linda Yates
Curriculum Secretary


Bradley Wilkins
Director of Information Technology
Samantha Rhoades
IT Secretary
Thomas Corn
IT Support Technician
Stephen Turner
IT Support Technician
Ryan Lee
Technology Intern
James Williams
Technology Intern

Human Resources

Kristy Schlak
Director of Human Resources


Morgan Lee
Communications Intern
Maximus Mann
Communications Intern
Charles Pleiness
Director of Communications