Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Mission Statement

Hazel Park values the individuality of our stakeholders and embraces ALL perspectives as we uplift a strong, inclusive, and equitable community.

Our Core Beliefs

The Hazel Park School District:

  • Promotes an environment of inclusivity, empathy, honesty, compassion,  respect, and patience in conducting the business of the DEI.
  • Is committed to a holistic view of understanding the needs, both spoken and unspoken, of the marginalized groups we intend to serve.
  • Will consider differences in culture, background, ability, and experiences as we make informed-equitable decisions that impact our varying groups of stakeholders.
  • Will self-evaluate the success of the group through a process of student input, group evaluation, and surveying outcomes.
  • Believes a student's voice is paramount in decision-making that impacts their educational experience.
  • Has the courage to take a vehement anti-racist stance to ALL acts of racism should they arise.
  • Doesn't value any behavior over another because each behavior is valid to that person, so the value comes from understanding the basis of behavior instead of placing value.
  • Will remain knowledgeable of the ever-changing social climate and life-changing events which can affect our stakeholders and be fluid in determining appropriate next steps that will be equitable to all.

Culturally Proficient Leadership Series - District Administrators

Cultural Proficiency

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Book Study

White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism
by Dr. Robin DiAngelo

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Other Links To Events

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