From Our Supervisor

January 4, 2021

Hello Preschool Families!

It is with great excitement that I introduce myself as the new director for Webster Early Childhood Center. In my heart, I know that I am taking on a very important role in your lives and the lives of your children and I accept that role wholeheartedly.

The Hazel Park Schools preschool program has been awarded one of the highest honors in early childhood education and that is our 5 Star Great Start to Quality status. We have reached the highest expectations for the Great Start Readiness Program, GSRP, to receive this status and we will maintain this status, assuring you that your child is a part of an amazing learning family. 

We offer tuition-based preschool as well as state-funded preschool through GSRP. Our teachers are well qualified, with wonderful backgrounds and experience that shows in their nurturing relationships with children every day. Our resources are well aligned with the curriculum and allow our team to gear instruction where children show an interest and desire to learn.  The best kind of learning is student-led and guided with questioning that allows the child to own their own learning. It is beautiful to watch this very special time in your child’s life.

You are welcome to call our preschool any time to visit via phone call or zoom meeting to talk about our wonderful program and how it can be a great fit for you, your family, and your child. Please call 248-658-5501 to set a date and time!

With Students in Mind,


Sheila O’Kane, Ed.S.
Webster Early Childhood Center Supervisor
Office 248-658-5501