From the Principal

August 23, 2019

Hello Hoover Families!!!!
Welcome Back!!

We hope you had a magnificent summer! However, it’s now time to dig out the backpacks and sharpen your pencils!! Yep, it’s that time of year again! The Hoover staff has been working hard to prepare for your return! We can’t wait to see you and begin another great year of learning!!

We are all set to welcome students back at 12:30 on Tuesday, August 27 . We have attached a school map so you can easily locate our classroom arrival and dismissal locations. Most locations will remain the same as last school year. All available school personnel will be manning the arrival locations with clipboards containing a copy of all class lists, please see these individuals if you are unsure about who your child’s
teacher is. This information can be accessed prior to your arrival through MiStar.

We also would like to invite you to Hoover’s Curriculum Night, on Thursday, September 5 at 6:30. Teachers will be sharing important information about your child’s curriculum as well as information regarding his or her classroom’s structures and routines. Like all of you, we would like to have the best school year yet!! Your attendance on this very important night is the first step!!! We can’t wait to start building that home-school connection!!

I am also attaching an iChat form. iChat forms ensure the safety of all students as it ensures our volunteers have all had a safety background check. All adults who plan on volunteering for any of our school events (including field trips and field day) must have an approved iChat form on file for the 2018-2019 school year. Please note that these forms must be filled out annually and must include a copy of your current valid
Driver’s License or Michigan State Identification card. We recommend you complete the form now, just in case! If you choose to wait and fill one out just prior to an event, please note that they take a few weeks to process. Please note, this has prevented parents from attending their desired event.

We are looking forward to seeing you at 12:30 on Tuesday, August 27!!! Enjoy your last full week of summer!!

With students in mind,
Debra Dimas
Principal, Hoover Elementary
248-658-5300 - Office
Hazel Park Schools - "ALL IN ALL THE TIME"

iChat Form