Wellness Committee

Committee Purpose:

Understand and assess the school health environment, programs, and policies to identify and strengthen the health of students and staff.

Hazel Park School District has a District Wellness Committee comprised of classroom teachers, physical education teachers, a building principal, a member of the Board of Education, the Food Service Director, the Director of 21st Century Learning, and the Director of the Hazel Park Community Coalition. 

The committee’s goal is to encourage teachers, students and staff to lead healthy lives while providing tools and support to the Hazel Park School District. The hope is for Hazel Park School District to be a healthy school environment in which the students are able to engage in educational experiences that will equip them with critical skills that promote the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth needed to be highly successful in life. 

We are seeking to expand our committee membership. Our goal is to have representation from parents and health care professionals. If interested in joining this committee, contact Stephanie Dulmage at or Samantha Mozdzierz.  

Committee Members

Board of Education

  • Ms. Rachel Noth, Trustee

District Office

  • Ms. Stephanie Dulmage, Director of 21st Century Learning
  • Ms. Samantha Mozdzierz, Food Service Director

Building Leadership

  • TBA

Teaching Staff

  • Elizabeth Dean
  • John Barnett
  • Teresa Stuck
  • Karen Bentz
  • Shirley Blizinski
  • Kyle Rowley

Community Members

  • Jared Gajos, Hazel Park Community Coalition Director

Mrs. Stephanie Dulmage
Director of 21st Century Learning
(248) 658-5234

Ms. Samantha Mozdzierz
Director of Food Services
(248) 658-5995