AIMSweb Plus Screener

Students in grades 3-8 will participate in nationally normed assessments in the areas of literacy and math using the AIMSweb Plus assessment system. This form of brief assessment measures overall performance on key foundational skills at each grade level, and will be administered in the fall, winter, and spring. The results of the assessment are used to determine if students need additional assistance to increase academic success.

Appropriate academic interventions will be provided to students scoring below the expected level. Student progress will be monitored and documents using the AIMSweb Plus assessment. Progress monitoring supports goal-oriented, frequent data collection in order to inform instruction, measure student achievement, and determine the impact of student interventions. 

Student in Hazel Park will take the aimswebPlus assessments according to the schedule below:


  • aimswebPlus - grades K-8; Edison grades K-12


  • aimswebPlus - grades K-3; grades 4-8 specific students


  • aimswebPlus - grades K-8; Edison grades K-12


District Contact:
Stephanie Dulmage
Director of 21st Century Learning
(248) 658-5234

Ms. Jamie Buczko
Secretary to the Directors of Curriculum and 21st Century Learning
(248) 658-5238