Community Representative

Community Representative Overview

A Community Representative who serves as a liaison between the school, families and the community. Also serving as a catalyst for parents and citizen groups to provide assistance to school organizational groups. The community representative is a knowledgeable referral person and continually seeks resources for parents, students and staff.

In coordination with many generous donors, each school established a small clothes closet for emergencies and children that are not appropriately dressed for school.

At the board office, there is a larger clothes closet that is donated to help families in need. There is request form to be filled out so we can find your sizes to best fit your needs. The sizes are not guaranteed to be in stock. We do have shoes, jackets, dress clothes and school clothes.

We also have a limited supply of hygiene products, and a small emergency food pantry. Gleaners delivers a mobile food pantry every 4 weeks to the first 100 families to come receive a food basket from 9 am-11 am call 248 658-5209 for details or your child’s school office.