• Who Should Consider Use?

    Any organization interested in providing members with a retreat or an activity requiring several days involvement.

    A business or club that would like to have a unique meeting place for team building.

    A club or organization that would like to offer an outdoor education experience for members.


    Who May Use the Facility?

    In addition to Hazel Woods being available to all schools in the school district, use may be made available to other groups, families, organizations or businesses within the district as well as the City of Hazel Park Recreation Department. Requests outside of the school district will be considered on a per-request basis. Priority will be given to Hazel Park School groups.


    Types of Activities:

    Supervised, structured activities maximize the groups experience while minimizing accidents and/or damage to property and facilities.

    Group Activities with proven success:
    Compass Skills
    Nature Walks
    Water Study
    Plant/Animal Study
    Parking: Maximum 20 cars
    Tables: 6 picnic tables in the Lodge, 8 persons per table for a maximum of 48 at one sitting.
    Housing: 4 heated bunk houses which can sleep 16 each, for a total of 64 overnight campers.
    Day Use: Capacity 64 (based on available lavatories, eating area, cooking and refrigeration facilities, and grounds areas for programs).



    Each group visiting Hazel Woods must provide its own materials and supplies for its chosen activities.
    Depending on the type of activity planned you will want to consider some of the following: food, cooking utensils, cleaning items, bedding, program supplies, cellular phone, coffee pot, first aid kit, and insect spray.



    There are a number of regulations, most dealing with the general responsibilities of the facility user. These may be obtained by contacting the school district.

    Most notable, however, is the fact that firearms, smoking and alcohol are prohibited.

    All-terrain vehicles or snowmobiles are not allowed.