Elementary Mathematics

  • Elementary Math 

    The Math Expressions resource is the foundation for the mathematics program in Hazel Park. This resource is fully aligned with the Michigan State Standards with a focus on:

    • Deep mastery of concepts
    • Learning through exploration, modeling, and discussion
    • Aligned with Michigan State Standards and Common Core Mathematical Practices
    • Hands-on inquiry based learning 
    • Differentiation to support all learners
    • Digital, 21st -century learning tools for both teachers and students 
    • Understanding number 1 - 10; exploring 5-groups, teen numbers as tens and ones; partners, story problems, and tens; consolidation of concepts;money, time, measurement, and numbers
    • Unit Overviews


    First Grade:

    • Early number activities; operations and simple equations; story problem strategies; base-10 concepts and applications; comparisons and data formats; fractions, circle graphs, and clocks; money and 2-digit addition; analyzing story problems; measurement, rounding, and shapes 
    • Unit Overviews


    Second Grade: 

    • Understanding addition and subtraction; solving story problems; addition to 200; tables and graphs; subtracting 2-digit numbers; 3-digit addition and subtraction; multiplication and fractions; measurement and shapes; quadrilaterals; time; diagonals and midpoints; shapes and patterns; metric measurement and 3-D shapes; non-standard and standard units of measure
    • Unit Overviews


    Third Grade: 

    • Place value and multi-digit addition and subtraction; addition and subtraction word problems; multiplication and division, exploring fractions, probability, and division with remainders; measurement; lines, line segments, and quadrilaterals; figures, angles, and triangles; patterns; area and perimeter; time; three-dimensional figures; directions and locations
    • Unit Overviews


    Fourth Grade:

    • Basic multiplication and division; place value and multi-digit addition and subtraction; multi-digit multiplication; multi-digit division; fractions; decimal numbers; quadrilaterals; lines, angles, and triangles; the metric measurement system; polygons and circles; three-dimensional figures; the U.S. customary system
    • Unit Overviews


    Fifth Grade:

    • Basic multiplication and division; addition and subtraction with whole numbers and decimals; fraction concepts; multiplication and division with whole numbers and decimals; multiplication and division with fractions; ratio, proportion, and percent; perimeter and area; circles, polygons, and angles; volume, capacity, and weight; the coordinate plane;  three-dimensional figures; proportion and measurement
    • Unit Overviews


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