• *Adult and Alternative transcripts will be available through the Adult Education office until our doors close permanently at the end of June 2018. If you are requesting transcripts after mid-June 2018, please contact Hazel Park Schools at 248-658-5200 to inquire about obtaining your transcripts*
    Hazel Park Adult Education wants to help our students succeed. We do not charge for transcripts. Students requesting a copy of their transcripts must provide a clear copy of their picture ID, and the following information either in person or in writing:
    * Your full name (and what name you attended under, if it was different then) and date of birth - please be aware that name changes are not done automatically, so we MUST have the name you attended under in order to locate your records
    * Statement requesting that your transcript be released
    * Whether you graduated or took the GED test, and if so, the date of graduation or testing
    * Which program you attended
    * Last year that you attended, if you didn't graduate
    * Where you would like the transcript sent - please provide an accurate address, email, or fax number, and, if we're mailing it, state whether this is an official sealed copy being sent to a school or employer, or a personal copy for yourself
    * Your contact information in case we have a question or an issue
    If you can't come in person, your request can be faxed to 248-544-5447, emailed to
    or mailed to us at:
    Hazel Park Adult Education
    420 W Nine Mile Rd
    Hazel Park, MI 48030
    Please be aware that transcript requests can take up to several weeks processing, particularly if they are being mailed.
    The Adult Education site also houses transcripts for Access Academy, Michigan Cyber Academy, INVEST Roosevelt, SER Metro, the OCJ program, the former EMG sites, and for students who graduated from the Breakfast Club before 2016. If you graduated with a Hazel Park diploma but attended the Pontiac site, your records are in Pontiac - in that case, you will need to contact Pontiac to get a copy of your transcript. We do not house transcripts for Hazel Park High School.