• Dear Parents,


    Thank you for allowing Hazel Park to be part of your child’s education. Enclosed you will find the results of your child’s performance on the M­STEP, Michigan’s new statewide exam. As this is the first year of the exam there is little data to support the ranking of your child’s performance. Hazel Park will be using this information to chart progress year to year.


    After nearly 45 years of the MEAP, the State of Michigan transitioned to the M­STEP. Many states across the country changed their test last year looking to introduce their students to more rigorous standards. Not only did your child likely take a more rigorous test last year, but took the M­STEP online. Michigan has adopted higher standards for students in English Language Arts and Mathematics, and the M­STEP was built to see how close our students are to reaching them.


    This year’s test scores may be lower than results from the MEAP test because the M­STEP is not just new, it’s more challenging. This is not a reflection on Hazel Park students, but on all the progress that has been happening across Michigan. We encourage families to remember that these changes are good for our kids, and to keep them in perspective.


    Teachers and parents can use student scores to make sure they’re doing the right things to support students. Working together, we can identify where students excel and where they need additional help, and find ways to better support students. Hazel Park believes that these tests are just one component that we will be using to measure the growth that your child is making year to year.


    We will be placing a video produced by the State Board of Education on our website that you can view to give you more information regarding the M­Step. We hope that this, with the scores, you will begin to understand some of the changes that have occurred with the state assessment. View Video


    We are extremely excited in Hazel Park about the changes we are making in our schools. We are truly excited to begin a new era that focuses on every child’s individual growth and achievement. We look forward to our shared partnering in making a difference in your child’s education.


    As always please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.




    Amy Kruppe, Ed.D. Superintendent