• Hazel Park School District is offering the option for parents to purchase a Chromebook for home use. This service is being provided by Presidio, one of the district's trusted suppliers. Presidio will be offering the Dell 11 3180 for $214.62 and Dell 3189 Chromebook for $293.02. The Parent Purchasing portal can be accessed at the following link:

    Once on the page, select Chromebooks to access the devices mentioned above.

    Important Note: Devices purchased through this program will not be managed or maintained by the school district. These devices are for home use only. Students will not be able to use them on school grounds. 

    If you choose to purchase a device from a different supplier, the information below will guide you toward a device that will support student and family use in the home. 

    • Chromebook Screen Size: 11.6 inches or better
    • Operating System: Chrome OS
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz 
    • RAM: 4G
    • Number of USB 3.0 Ports: 2
    • Hard Drive Size: 0 or 16 GB
    • Graphics: Intel HD

    Parents have the option to purchase an individual insurance policy to cover non-warranty issues or theft. Worth Avenue offers an Insurance policy with three different price points:

    • 1 Year Full Coverage with $0 Deductible - $26.00
    • 1 Year Full Coverage with $50.00 Deductible - $23.00
    • 1 Year Full Coverage with $100.00 Deductible - $21.00

    To get an estimate click on the link here: My Worth Ave. Group 

    We would also like to remind parents of low-cost options for home internet access through Comcast Internet Essentials and AT&T Access. Information about these programs can be accessed at the links below: