Jardon Vocational School

  • Welcome to Jardon Vocational Center. Jardon is a Center Program through Hazel Park Schools and Oakland Schools. We serve special education students, throughout Oakland County, who continue to qualify for adult transition services and programs after their senior year in high school. Jardon is considered a "Program for All" students that require specialized services to meet their adult transition needs.

    Jardon has provided exemplary vocational training since 1966. Jardon's programming focuses on community integration, work experiences and adult living skills. We prepare students to successfully integrate into their communities of adult living, through a functional and highly individualized program and curriculum.

    Jardon has extensive partnerships with many local buisnesses and community agencies that support young adults with special needs. We create specialized transition plans that assist the student and their families to develop the necessary supports for adult living.

    The Jardon program is committed to successful individualized programming, to support our students in their community, in their home and vocationally. This will enable our students to live and work to their full potential as contributing community members.


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