Hazel Park High School

  • Dear New Families to Hazel Park High School,

    On behalf of the staff at Hazel Park High School, we welcome you to our building.  Regardless of how your student’s academic journey begun, we are happy you selected HPHS for your student’s next voyage.  We believe each student who enters our building each day is a Hazel Park Viking and we are united in our desire to support your student’s academic, social, and emotional development.  

    High school places students on many different pathways.  Regardless of your student’s ambitions, our staff recognize the importance of supporting your student and helping them explore future possibilities after high school.  We are proud of building a solid academic foundation through challenging and relevant curriculum in Math, Science, English, Social Studies, and World Language.  With this curriculum, the groundwork is laid for students to launch into many different directions:  some students choose to apply for the Chrysler School-to-Work program where our students enter a two-year job training program at the Chrysler Training Center; some students dive into Career and Technical Education courses, focusing on business, computer engineering, and accounting; other students explore interests in science, technology, and math through engineering classes like Robotics and Project Lead the Way; meanwhile, other students immerse themselves more deeply in academic areas of interest by choosing from eight Advanced Placement classes.  Our building is a place for students to explore interests, discover who they are becoming, and connect with those around them to support their ambitions.  

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    Matthew Dailey
    Phone: (248) 658-5105

    Assistant Principal
    Kenneth Milch
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    Principal's Secretary
    Dale Allensworth
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    Student Records Secretary
    Mona Souleyrette
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    Counseling and Attendance Secretary
    Lori Kohl
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    Athletic Director
    Dr. David Muylaert
    Phone: (248) 658-5167

    Athletic Secretary
    Sarah Vanatta
    Phone: (248) 658-5150