• The Hazel Park Promise began for all Hazel Park High School 2012 graduates, it provides scholarship dollars after all other scholarship and financial assistance is totaled, to provide an associate's degree OR its equivalent at Oakland Community College. To qualify you must graduate from Hazel Park High School and reside in the city of Hazel Park.
    We see:
    • A city at the core of a strong region whose neighborhoods are vibrant, inclusive, and attractive to people of all ages, as well as businesses small and large;
    • A public school district at the center of the city that provides excellent educational opportunities to all of its children;
    • A generation of young people at the heart of the district who are equipped to pursue higher education with vigor and who are dedicated to a lifetime of service and societal contribution.
    We will:
    • Leverage the development of Hazel Park's neighborhoods, and see them through to prosperity;
    • Further enhance academic excellence in Hazel Park Public Schools;
    • Provide college scholarships to Hazel Park students, and see them through to graduation;
    • Increase high school completion rates, college readiness, and post high school success of all students in Hazel Park schools;
    • Deploy a well prepared and energized work force of community volunteers.
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    Promise Zone Contact:
    Kayla Roney Smith
    Executive Director
    Hazel Park Promise Zone
    and College Access Network
    (248) 658-5107
Promise Zone Image