Adult Education

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    Welcome to Hazel Park Adult Education! We believe that all adults should have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. We are here to support you by providing FREE high school completion, GED preparation, or ESL classes for students age 20 and up. We want to assist our students in making a better life for themselves and their families. We offer a flexible schedule and caring staff members who are here to help and encourage you as you fulfill your goals.


    We pride ourselves in providing a positive, safe, and friendly atmosphere where all students are capable of learning and being successful. We enroll students multiple times throughout the year to provide many opportunities for our students to earn credit. All you need to bring with you to register is a valid Michigan picture ID. A copy of a transcript is helpful, but not necessary as we can always request one for you. (See the Registration & Learning Opportunities page for more information.)


    We would love to help you fulfill your dreams! Please call us today at 248-658-5600.